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What is Code Signing and Why is a Digital Certificate Important?

What is Code Signing and Why is a Digital Certificate Important?

Have you ever heard the terms “code signing” or “digital certificate” and wondered what those terms meant? Code signing is an important part of increasing digital security and keeping digital users safe. When someone code signs a digital piece of software, they are confirming that the code was not changed by another party. This means that the only person who has touched the original code is the original programmer.

Why is Code Signing Important?

Code signing is important because it keeps you safe online. A code signing certificate allows programmers to prove that their software is safe. If the code was altered by a third party, the digital signature will show that it is “unverified” or “invalid” when you go to download the piece of software. You can see when a piece of software has come directly from the programmer or if it has been tampered with by a third party.

This makes code signing especially important for businesses who deliver information or programs online. If you want your customers to download a new piece of software, a software update, or a new file online then you need to provide a digital certificate through code signing. When they open that piece of software, they need to see that it is verified and shows that you are the official owner. You do not want your customers to have to guess whether or not this piece of software comes directly from you or another person. You can increase your credibility by providing customers with information about what to look for to ensure that the software is directly from your business.

What is a Digital Certificate?

Programmers require digital certificates to keep their software safe. Digital certificates are also used when sending information online. The digital certificate verifies the user’s identity. This makes it possible to ensure that the information can be shared securely online by using the digital certificate as a password. Companies use digital certificates with software they send to customers and within their own company with their employees.

Stay safe online by making sure that you use software programs that have digital certificates and employ code signing.