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When to use a web development agency instead of a web development freelancer


If you need to have a website designed, and are still trying to decide between hiring a web development agency and a web development freelancer, here are some things that should help you decide.

How large and complicated is your website? — If you only need a basic website with a few pages, then going with a freelance web development person could be the right decision.

If your site is large, complicated and will need a huge amount of information, graphics and artwork added to it, however, then it may be better to hire a web development agency instead.

Remember, designing and developing a website is time-consuming and, with only one person doing it, it could be many months before your site would be ready for even a trial run.

An agency, on the other hand, has several people that will be working on your site at one time. Thus ensuring your site is developed in the time frame you have available.

An agency can cover all your needs — The main problem you may come across with a web development freelancer is that they do not have all the expertise necessary to design a large site.

That means they may have to contract out for graphics, photographs or even for specific design elements. This can add both time and cost onto your project.

With a web development agency, however, there are people on staff that have every skill needed to develop and create your site. This not only cuts down on the time, it can also cut down on the cost.

A rush project — If you need a website developed quickly, it is rarely a good idea to go with a freelancer instead of a web development agency like web marketing brisbane.

Remember, when you hire a freelancer, it is just the one person working on your project. That means if they have problems, get sick, have a family emergency or any other difficulty that may mean they cannot complete the work on schedule, you and your site development will suffer.

A web development agency, however, always has enough people on staff that one person can take the work load from another if problems arise.

An agency has the experience — It does not matter what type of website you need, an agency will have people on staff that have the expertise in delivering it for you.

This means not only will you get the site you actually want, but it will also be done to your absolute specifications.

A freelancer, however, may be struggling to create the precise site you need due to his lack of experience in developing that type of site.

Ask both freelancers and web development agencies how they would develop a website if it was to have incorporated in it all the features you need.

In most cases you will find out an agency not only answers you quickly, but obviously knows how to incorporate every feature you need.