Home Applications Use an article generator if you hate writing articles for your sites

Use an article generator if you hate writing articles for your sites

Use an article generator if you hate writing articles for your sites

Most website owners that have owned their sites for a long time are tired of writing articles for their sites. Some absolutely hate doing it.

 This, and many other reasons, is why an increasing number of website owners are moving towards using an article generator for their sites instead of writing the articles themselves.

 What is an article generator? — This is an online software program that has the ability to create an article on any subject you need. It does so in a matter of minutes with the help of a uniquely coded content generator API.

 The speed of generating an article — The speed an article generator can write an article is so fast you can have the article published on your site less than 15 minutes after requesting it.

 Compare that to the hours it would take you to research and then write the article, and you will understand why so many website owners are now using them.

 An article on any subject — Website owners love these article generators because they can write an article about anything.

 That means if you need a well-researched article about growing roses in England or another one about the history of a small Californian town, a good generator can write that for you in minutes.

 Once you discover a good article generator, you will never have to spend hours doing research again as they can do it for you.

 Citations and sources — If you prefer to have information on your site that also has excellent sources and good citations connected to all of the facts, an article generator can provide those for you.

 Just be sure to request that when you are inputting the information about the article you need.

 Do you need photographs? — Many website owners do not have time to take their own photographs. This is especially true if they need them for an article about a subject they are not particularly knowledgeable about.

 When you use an article generator, however, you can request it also find suitable photos and graphics to illustrate the article once it is published on your site. It will then deliver them to you at the same time it delivers the written piece.

 The affordable cost per article — If you paid a content writer to write for your site, you could have to pay more than $100 per piece. Most website owners simply cannot afford to do that.

 With an article generator, however, you can pay per piece or buy a package of articles.

 Even if you pay per article, you will usually pay less than $4 per piece you receive. If you buy a package of 10 or more articles, you will pay an even lower amount.