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Hacks You Need to Try | Make Your Life Easier With These Genius Products

Hacks You Need to Try | Make Your Life Easier With These Genius Products

Every so often we all come across ads on our social media or on our favorite shopping sites that seem so ingenious. It seems like every other day we are seeing new inventions that will help prevent those random annoying situations we go through on a daily basis.

Here is a short and concise but awesome list of items that are total life hacks – big thanks to www.bestsharktankproducts.com for helping us with this post. They might be great for you, or great for a partner but these quirky gadgets work. And we can all relate to dealing with some of these annoyances from time to time!


  1. Beard King Beard Trimmer Bib

This gadget is a game changer! If you are a man or if your partner is a man who struggles to clean up after himself when trimming and shaping their lovely beard, this product is one of the best life hacks ever.

No one likes to see beard hair scattered into the nooks and crannies of your sink, mixed in with small puddles of water, and sticking to your products on the counter. This is a huge no no and a real pain to clean! Those little hairs go everywhere, and seem to stick onto just about everything in your bathroom. If you are tired of cleaning up every little hair around the bathroom sink, or if your partner does not seem to even notice those tiny hairs engulfing the bathroom, then the Beard King Beard Trimmer Bib is going to change your life for the better!

Using it is super simple, all you have to do is place the suction cups on the mirror in front of you, attach the other end to your neck like a bib, and shave away! Trim all those hairs! Use every beard trimming tool you have! Because at the end of it all, all those trimmings will fall right into the bib, and then easily scooted into the trash can. Leaving you with a sink free of beard trimmings!


  1. Drop Stop Car Gap Filler

This item is a lifesaver! You can probably relate to having anything and everything falling through that space between your center console and your front seats. The worst, is when you drop your phone down into this dark unreachable crevice, only to have to pull the car over and adjust your seat, get out, reach under the car seat, get your hands dirty, and finally rescue your phone from the deep dark abyss that is this dreaded car crevice.

Avoid this situation from happening literally ever again with this product. The Drop Stop Car Gap Filler is meant to wrap around your seat belt anchor and completely fill this horrid gap between your front seats and the center console! Yes! This exists!


  1. Nerdwax Glasses Wax

Do you wear glasses? Or even sunglasses in fact? Nerdwax is made out of beeswax and is a super easy way to prevent your glasses from constantly slipping down your face. You basically just rub a little on the inner part of your glasses and voila! No longer will your spectacles live on the tip of your nose. They will stay in place and all you need it a little bit of Nerdwax.