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Streamzoo Camera for Kids


Children can have fun and learn how to become photographers by taking pictures with their cameras. These are some of the best cameras for kids.

StreamZoo – Fun Digital Camera for Children

This is a great beginner kids digital camera. There is an 8MP resolution and this camera can record videos in HD. The camera has a durable design and it is shockproof. The camera is also made from non-toxic material. There is autofocus to help the child capture a good shot. There are even 4 puzzle games included with the camera for extra fun. The camera is rechargeable and has a charging cable that comes with it. There is 1GB of internal storage and there is a slot for a memory card. This camera can connect to the computer to save and store pictures.


This camera has the 8 MP resolution so it can take clear and sharp pictures. There is also a 5 megapixel to help with this. The photo will be displayed on the LCD screen. There is a self-timer so the child can get into the picture if they chose to.


The puzzle game on this camera includes the classic Tetris. The game will help children develop their fine motor skills, cognitive ability, and hand and eye coordination.


To add to the look of the picture some multi-color screens and stickers can be added to the photos. They can be found under the settings. This will allow the child to be creative. They can also play around with different backgrounds and colors for the pictures.

 ISP Screen

The screen on the camera is 2 inches and is clear. A child will see the photos in bright colors. The child will be able to see the photo and will be able to see it in great color.


The designers at StreamZoo know that children are not always easy on things. The camera is made with a protective shell to help protect the camera in case it gets dropped. The camera is designed to absorb the shock and will not shatter due to this case.

 Battery Saving

There is a rechargeable lithium battery. The camera can be charged by connecting it to the port. This will allow the camera to be connected to the wall charger or it can be connected to the computer for charging. When the camera is not being used it will automatically turn off. This will help save the battery life and allow it to be reserved until the child is ready to take additional pictures.

The StreamZoo is one of the best digital cameras on the market for children. This camera will allow the child to express their creativity and learn how to have fun with photography.