Home Applications Buying Spotify Plays/ Listeners – is it the right step to grow your following?

Buying Spotify Plays/ Listeners – is it the right step to grow your following?

Buying Spotify Plays/ Listeners – is it the right step to grow your following?

It’s every artist’s anticipation and wishes to make money from the entertainment industry, no matter the competition level. Nevertheless, at times it’s hectic to market artwork, thus delaying income flow. The current dramatic growth of technology has given artists a profound opportunity to market their work on different platforms. When it comes to the music industry, Spotify is one of the most trusted applications where musicians are paid from their music plays. Being a digital music streaming service, Spotify is accessible for one to sign up, download, and access any music either online or offline on desktop, iPhone, and Android phones.


How to Create a Spotify Account?

With over 270 million active users monthly, Spotify has become one of the most popular streaming services globally. Putting your music on Spotify makes it easier for fans to access and play your music more frequently than before. Creating a Spotify account is free for artists, and you are paid for every play/listener. Spotify gives you a chance to take your music career to the next level. However, you require a large number of plays to get more income from Spotify.


Importance of Having a large number of listeners on Spotify

When to Spotify, music listeners are different from followers. A follower is a vote of long-term confidence in your work as an artist is good. On the other hand, listeners always determine your monthly income from Spotify. For instance, every artist is paid between $20 and $40 per 100,000 plays; this means the more listeners an artist has, the more money they are paid. In most cases, the artist opts to buy Spotify plays/ listeners to enable them to have higher control of results and positively change their music visibility.


How to Buy Spotify Plays/Listeners?

Spotify gives artists chances to buy listeners to increase the viewers in their respective accounts. Besides, through Spotify, you can make good returns even with more listeners on a single track even if there is no album present. When it comes to buying plays, there are several platforms where you can buy streams and play from, for instance: Share Supplier and Spotipromo. However, it’s always advisable to get through the terms and conditions to buy the artwork from the best platform. Buying plays gives you more freedom and less stress when it comes to attracting attention and promoting your playlists. Your listeners are vital factors to facilitate your music with more recognition in different places in the world.

As you grow as an artist, people will always notice you from the impression you make with your artwork, thus referring you to their friends, making marketing easier for you. Therefore, buying plays saves you from tedious experience and a lack of reach for music. Social media alone is not enough for you to market your music for the competition is very high.