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Get Higher With These Airpods And Accessories


Apple Pro Airpods

The highly anticipated Airpods Pro are definitely more pro than their predecessors version. One major difference is a pro quality sound that unequivocally represents the name “Pro.” Apple allowed three sizes of soft, flexible silicon interchangeable ear tips to choose from. An Active noise-cancelling feature complements the comfort to further satisfy your desire. Be merry! This feature was not alive when its predecessors roamed the earlobes. Apple incorporated wireless charging batteries into the Airpods to feed your ears a listening time of 4.5 hours and 24 hours when you’re using the wireless charge case. The Streamlined H1 chip is included with a modem for handling Bluetooth connectivity, a Digital Signal Processor for decoding the compressed audio stream, and a co-processor for handling sensor information. Apple claims that the Pros are the only airpods with Active Noise Cancellation that continuously adapts to the geometry of the user ear and the fit of the ear tips. (Just take their word for it! They’re Apple.) This is awesome for fanatics that enjoy zoning outta the world and totally tuning into the world their listening to. LTT did a great video on it:


Get some Custom Cases for your AirPod Pros

Since the release of air buds in 2006 the popularity has been growing and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. This new generation requires protection, strength, and weather resistance along with the flexibility of style. We are in the state of an art age so why not have a state of an art protection over your state of an art investment? Did you know that you can get very creative with your airpods and and cases? It wood be a good idea to explore the various hacks and upgrades that’s available. There’s a tremendous amount of styles with endless variations on the market to choose from: spinners, custom characters, custom colors of combinations, and much more or just a few to name to show off your creative personality. No matter what type of person you or what type of airpods you may have, there’s always protection to match your personality, or if not, why not create your own?


Leather Cases

How about some Airpods wrapped in pure luxury. Pamper yourself and your custom airpods with a genuine leather case made of premium top-grade leather. The leather will provide an all-around protection, which is great for for keeping your device safe from bumping, dropping and scratches well keeping you and your airpods looking good. Most leather cases support the second generation wireless charging with that accurate cut out for accessing the charging port. There are a few companies that offer a high quality genuine cowhide leather case that provides safety of your airpods. (Don’t quote me on that!) But with you build in mind, they wrapped their cases with genuine leather that will age beautifully and change over time and give your case a look that unique to you.